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Tall, Dark & Lonely (Pyte/Sentinel #1)(13)
Author: R.L. Mathewson

“No, there’s obviously something wrong with my blood and you won’t tell me. If you’re worried I’ll be grossed out don’t be.” She walked towards the bed, holding her hand out. “Just take a taste. It’s okay.”

Ephraim climbed over the bed to get away from her. “I’m not going to drink from you so stop it!”

She stopped. “Why?” Suspicion rose up. “You’re not a vampire at all are you? That was some kind of trick. Either you’re insane or you and David were in this together.”

He threw his hands up in the air in irritation. “No, I’m not a vampire and I would never do anything with a dick head like David. What you saw was real. Be that as it may, I have no intention of drinking from you.”

Understanding dawned on her. “Ah, I see. Okay, I’m sorry I understand.”

He didn’t like that tone. “Understand what exactly?” he asked slowly, suspiciously.

She wasn’t looking at him. She was looking past him as if in deep thought. “That makes sense….” she was talking to herself.

“What does?”

She ignored him and paced back and forth in front of the bathroom door while she talked to herself in a low voice. “You’ve been here three years and all that time you’ve never brought any friends home, you’ve never been seen out at night with anyone except other cops at a bar, you go fishing, sometimes bring a friend from work, you’re secretive, you only came downstairs tonight because you heard I was having someone over.”

“What are you babbling about?” he asked harshly to cover his nerves.

She didn’t seem to hear him. “No one’s ever seen…” she didn’t finish that thought. “You tasted his blood, let him stick his finger in your mouth. The idea of tasted my blood repulses you….focused on him……hmmm.”

He stood nervously, waiting for her answer. She didn’t say anything for several minutes. Then she turned and faced him. “I know why you won’t drink my blood.”

“Oh, do please enlighten me,” he said mockingly.

She smiled cheerfully. “You’re g*y.”


She took a step towards him. He hadn’t moved a single muscle in the last two minutes. “It’s okay. It’s not a big deal if you’re g*y.” It was okay, but she was oddly disappointed.

He looked so serious. “H-how did you know?” he whispered.

“It’s kind of obvious.” She felt so bad. But he didn’t need to hide who he was, the bloodsucking part, yes, but not this.

“What do you mean it’s obvious?” he asked in a guarded tone. All he could think about was his brothers and their feminine features and gestures. There was nothing feminine about him and they weren’t g*y.

“Well, you’re secretive.”

“That’s because I’m a Pyte,” he said before he could stop himself.

“What’s a Pyte?”

“Don’t change the subject. You’re telling me how you knew,” he said hastily.

“Well, you only spend company with other men. You don’t bring anyone here. You don’t want to share space with a woman. You readily tasted David’s blood, but the thought of mine disgusts you. It just seems rather obvious,” she said with a shrug.

He covered his face with his hands. “Oh my god…I can’t believe you found out.” His voice was thick with emotion.

She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around him. She was safe. He didn't like women and wouldn’t feed off her. It was the only reason she felt comfortable enough to touch him now.

It was too bad that he was g*y. He felt so good right now. She forced herself to focus. “It’s okay. You don’t have to go through this alone. It won’t be so bad. There are plenty of g*y cops these days. As long as you don’t bite anyone you should be fine.”

He chuckled softly.

“I suppose you’re right.” His hands dropped from his face and wrapped gently around her waist. “You really don’t mind?” he asked as he nuzzled her neck.

His breath felt warm and teasing. There was no fear. She was safe. He was a g*y whatever the hell he was and she was off the menu in many ways.

“No, I don’t mind. It’s okay, Ephraim.” She ran a hand down his back trying to soothe him. She stretched up on her toes and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “It’s okay.”
He pressed a soft kiss to her neck. It sent shivers down her spine. It was really a shame, she thought. She froze as he continued to press soft kisses to her neck.

“Tell me something,” he said between kisses.

“What?” her voice cracked. She tried to pull away, but his grip tightened, holding her against him.

“You discovered I’m g*y.” Relief shot through her. For a minute there she thought she was wrong. “This was mostly based on the fact that I refused to feed from you, correct?”

“Yes,” she said slowly.

He nodded against her neck and pressed another tender kiss. “What if I told you the reason I refused to feed from you isn’t because I’m g*y, but because your blood and your blood alone is my biggest weakness? What if I told you that in the last hundred and ninety years I have never come across someone whose blood drives me to distraction, that just the mere scent of your blood in the air is enough to send me into bloodlust. That I have to stay away from you because I want your blood more than anything else on this earth and that it takes everything I have not to go into your room at night and take me fill? What would you say then?”

“You’re not g*y?” There were several other questions floating in her head at the moment, but she focused on that because if he wasn’t g*y then…then he was telling her something.

He chuckled as he peeled one of her arms away from around him and brought her hand between them. He pressed her hand against the front of his boxers and moved it over his very large and very hard erection. His deep moan sent heat through her body. She gulped as she yanked her hand away and he allowed it as he wrapped his arm back around her and pulled her back against him. His tongue ran from her neck to her earlobe. He took her earlobe into his mouth and gently sucked on it. “No, baby, I’m not g*y.”

Madison somehow managed to pull her head back. Ephraim raised his head and looked at her hungrily. For which hunger she wasn’t sure, but both scared her. His eyes were red again.

“Let me go, Ephraim,” her voice shook.

He shook his head. “No.”

“Ephraim, I’m only going to tell you once to let go of me,” she warned.

He ignored her and leaned down to kiss her neck again. These weren’t innocent little pecks anymore. He was pressing hot open mouthed kisses to her neck. She could feel the tips of his fangs brushing against her skin with each kiss. His hands were rubbing her backside slowly. A small moan escaped Madison, causing Ephraim’s h*ps to jerk forward.

Just a bite. A little taste. That’s all he wanted. She felt so warm and soft in his arms. The taste of her skin was for lack of a better word, magical. It was just a tease, just a sampling. His mouth found her pulse. He suckled the area before the tips of his fangs pressed gently against her skin. Just a taste then he would stop he told himself.

“Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.” She’d been swept up in his kiss and touch until she felt the two sharps points at her throat. Human or not he was a male. She held onto his h*ps to steady herself and with a grunt she brought her knee up hard between his legs.

He roared in agony as he released her. She pushed him away and ran for the door too afraid to look back. She threw her door shut and locked it and then dove under her bed, praying as she went that the boogie man wasn’t real.

Chapter 8

“Shit,” Ephraim muttered after the last of the nausea left him. He spit the last of the vomit from his mouth and sat back still cupping his throbbing balls. “Damn,” he groaned, “that was a more effective method than sticking a finger down my throat.” Not that he planned on doing it again.

Keeping one hand on his balls, he pulled himself up. He didn’t know what was worse, the taste of human food going down or coming up. He grabbed Madison’s bottle of mouthwash and chugged it. He had to get the taste out of his mouth. There was a reason why he avoided eating human food. It had to come up. After the last drop, he burped and winced. The sensation sent a piercing pain to the tip of his penis.

He cringed with the knowledge that the next time he took a piss he would be urinating pure mouthwash. Still holding himself he stumbled into his room and retrieved his personal firearm. He checked the chamber and stumbled back into the bathroom with it.

Using the butt of the gun he knocked on Madison’s door. No answer. Not a surprise after what he just did to her. He still couldn’t believe how close he came to taking her. Thank god she kneed him when she did and took him off guard. He hadn’t reacted to pain since the dudgeon.

“M…Ma…Ma…” He had to swallow a fresh wave of nausea tore at him. “Mad…Ma-oh shit!” He stumbled back to the toilet in time to see the mouthwash splash all over the toilet seat and floor. “Fuck,” he whimpered.

At least it was a minty mess. He chuckled until it hurt. Ignoring the mess he went back to the door. “Madison,” he said through clenched teeth. It hurt so much to speak, but he had to do it. He could hear her whimpering, probably under her bed. He couldn’t stand it.

Taking in a deep breath he forced himself to speak. “Madison, I know you’re upset. I’m,” another deep breath, “so sorry. I apologize….I don’t want to hurt you…..I won’t hurt you I promise! I swear it!”

“Liar! Ooops!” she muttered.

He had to smile. “I promise you’re safe here. I promise, but if it makes you feel better I am leaving something for you on the bathroom floor. Put it somewhere safe, somewhere the kids won’t look. If you have to use it don’t hesitate. I won’t be mad.” He remained at the door for a minute longer. “I’m sorry.” He stumbled out of the bathroom to his room where he collapsed on the floor.


“Come on, come on….come on!” She blew a dust bunny away from her face as she waited. The faint sound of a car starting had her moving. She crawled out from beneath the bed and made a mad dash towards the bathroom. She had to pee badly.

She jumped over something black on the floor and found her way to the toilet just in time. Going to sleep with a full bladder wasn’t easy, but somehow she managed it. Where was that lemony scent coming from? She looked around the bathroom. It was close by. Ephraim cleaned? She was stunned.

There wasn’t enough time to contemplate what would motivate him to clean. She stripped her clothes off and jumped in the shower, trying to get the smell of dust and sweat off her. Two minutes later she jumped out of the shower, hoping to brush her teeth and hair in the same amount of time. Her hand froze mid-grab for her toothbrush.

A note was taped to the mirror.


I cannot apologize enough. I will never bother you again. I also don’t want you to feel afraid. Please use my gift. It’s yours. Please hide it as soon as you find it. I cringe at the thought of the one of the children finding it. I wasn’t kidding when I told you to use it. If I give you any reason to fear for your life use it. Do not hesitate . You will not kill me but stop me long enough to save yourself. I don’t foresee any reason for you to use it.

Your Servant,

Ephraim William Howard Adlard

“Adlard? I thought his last name was Williams.” She pondered that while she brushed her teeth. What did he mean about a gift? She didn’t see a gift. She heard him say something last night. It was hard to tell what he was saying. It sounded like he was speaking through clenched teeth. She looked around the counter, nothing out of the ordinary except she was out of mouthwash. Damn it, she just bought some yesterday.

“What the…” The black thing she jumped over caught her eye. She choked on air. That was the gift? She picked the gun up cautiously, afraid it would go off in her hands. She looked around as if help would come. What was she supposed to do with a gun? A wooden stake would have made her feel better, maybe even a bottle of holy water.

She ran with the gun into her room and whirled around looking for someplace to hide it. Her closet. The closet was perfect. She yanked the door open and placed it on the top shelf beneath the extra blankets. Was he crazy giving her a gun?


“Detention blows.”

“No shit, ass**le,” came another voice.

Madison looked up from her computer. “Hey, none of that now. You’re here to learn from your mistakes…whatever they are. You only have another hour to go so I suggest that you do some homework.” She looked over her small group of detentionees.

The group consisted of some of her favorite students. They were termed stoners, losers and ass**les by the students and even by the faculty. She didn’t care. She liked them even the kid in front giving her the most exaggerated pout she'd ever seen.

Chris, her constant detention companion, was laid back and didn’t give her any problems. He was pretty funny and didn’t bother trying to suck up. She was honest with him and didn’t play any games. They respected each other.

“Come on, Chris, don’t give me that look?” She chuckled at his pout.

He was a funny kid. He was what some of the kids called trailer trash, but he was nice. Well, as long as you were on his good side. There was no doubt he could be a mean son of a bitch and no one in their right mind would provoke him, but from what she knew about him he never threw the first punch and he never got in someone’s face without a very good reason. Otherwise he was one of the most laid back kids she’d ever met.

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