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Tall, Dark & Lonely (Pyte/Sentinel #1)(16)
Author: R.L. Mathewson

The doctors took that as a sign of an impending fever and pumped more poison into his system. It successfully paralyzed him. Every movement set off fire in his body.

Blood, all he wanted was blood and no one would give it to him. He told them he was hungry and they brought him Jell-O and broth. What the hell kind of meal was that? After the second tray they tried forcing on him he began throwing the trays at the offending deliverer until they stopped bringing them.

So, for six days he was stuck in a hospital bed with no chance of escape. Tubes and monitors were stuck in him. On all four of his escape attempts the damn things went off and people came running. He almost cried. He needed to eat and a variable buffet came running in and he couldn’t have any of it. It was agony.

As was the first two days of visitors. Endless visitors came. People he didn’t even know came. They all wanted to see how “their” hero was doing. After the first minute of each visit he “nodded off”. It was either that or let them see how hungry he was. Finally he put his foot down and demanded to be left alone. Mrs. Buckman was not happy with that and told the nurses to ignore his wishes.

For the last four days he had to put up with Mrs. Buckman and a few of the other renters. The children tried to come, but ran off within the first thirty seconds when he started screaming. Screaming was good, screaming made him feel better.

Screaming was also the only thing that saved them. He was so hungry. He just needed a few pints to force the poison out and heal his wounds. God, how they itched. His entire body itched. Six days of sponge baths. That was bullshit. How could they call that a bath? He smelled like a hospital, itched and felt gross. He could feel the grime on his skin again.


He needed blood. If he was stuck here for a week then he was out of luck. He hadn't been here to accept his blood deliveries. Every two days at three in the morning blood was delivered by an unmarked van.

After two no shows they wouldn’t make another attempt to deliver until he contacted them with a new safe drop. He needed to call them to setup new delivery. So, now he had no hopes of blood being delivered. He had to suffer another week. But that wasn’t his greatest fear. If he didn’t keep everyone out of his room he was going to attack someone. The urge to feed was overpowering everything else. His control was almost nonexistent.

It would only take Madison for the last thread of control to snap. Of course, she wasn’t likely to see him. She didn’t even try to see him in the last week. She sent her apologies and flowers, but didn’t come. He tried to tell himself that was for the best. If she came he would have begged her for some blood either hers or some stolen blood. At this point in his suffering he wouldn’t beg. If she came into his room he was going to take.

His eyes drifted to the adjoining bathroom door. She could at least check and see how he was. That wasn’t too much to ask after all he did take a wound for her. She probably didn’t think much of it. She knew he couldn't die, but did she realize that he would still feel every ounce of pain and nothing in the world could take the edge off his pain but blood? He was suffering and she couldn’t even bother to see him. He was pissed on top of already being pissed.

“Fuck her. I don’t want to see her anyway.” But he did. He really did. Never mind that it was her blood which he craved night and day. He wanted to see her. He wanted to see her brown eyes light up when he annoyed her.

She was so cute when she'd attacked him with biscuits. He liked everything about her. She was funny, smart and kind. But she was a human, a human whose blood screamed for him and him alone. He could never have her. She would never be his.

He wanted to kill someone. He needed to hurt someone. This was too much. There was a reason he didn’t allow attachments and Madison proved him right. Once he was healed he was going to leave and start over. He couldn’t handle the pain and disappointment.

“Wow, you stink.”

Ephraim forced his eyes open. “What?”

“I said you smell,” Madison said matter-of-factly.

Even before his brain registered who was in his room his body did. His fangs dropped as his arms shot out and grabbed her. He dragged her down. He couldn’t fight it any longer. He was starving and his obsession was here. He didn’t even stop to consider if they were alone or if he could stop in time. He needed her too damn much.

Some part of his brain registered that she wasn’t screaming. Actually, it felt like she was coming on her own. That was odd.

“Here you go, open up,” she said as she stuck something in his mouth. He froze, shocked at the sensation.

His eyes left her neck and moved down to the object in her hands. He chuckled weakly. She stuck a straw in a bag of blood. He suckled, slowly savoring the taste of type O blood hitting his lips, his tongue, the roof of his mouth and finally down his throat. He closed his eyes and moaned in relief.

“That good, huh?” she chuckled. He nodded but didn’t stop sucking. The straw was too slow. He took the bag away from her with trembling hands. He pulled the straw out with his mouth and spit it across the room before slamming the bag to his teeth. He chugged the red liquid down until he had every drop. “More.” It was a demand.

She laughed softly. “Here you go.” She sat patiently by his side while he finished ten bags of blood. He couldn’t help but notice how adorable she looked in those cute little cotton shorts of hers. Finally he burped and sighed. He was done.

“Feeling better?” She ran her fingers through his greasy hair.

“Almost.” He jumped out of the bed with ease. All his strength was back and then some.

Madison gasped.

“What?” He looked down expecting to discover his dick was sticking out or something. Her eyes were glued to his chest. The wound was now completely gone, dissolving the stitches as well.

He ran a hand over the area. “It itches like hell. I need a shower.”

“That’s putting it lightly,” she returned automatically. She looked dazed.

“Er, thank you for the blood.”

She shook her head. “You’re welcome. Just glad that I was able to intercept your deliveries.”

He paused. “You intercepted my blood?”

“Of course. I figured that you had to have blood delivered otherwise there would be an epidemic of neck bites. It was just a matter of waiting.” She gestured towards her room. “I bought a mini fridge to keep it cool for you.”

Her concern for him made him uncomfortable. “Thank you. I’ll pay you of course. I appreciate it,” he said more harshly than he intended.

She rolled her eyes and walked past him towards her room. “Forget about it. I’ll see you around.”

“Wait!” he said suddenly. He didn’t know what to do or say but he wanted, no needed for her to stay. An entire week without seeing her practically killed him. There he admitted it to himself. He missed her.

It was easier when he was here and avoiding her mostly because he watched her from afar. Hell, he made it a point to watch her. Something other than her blood mesmerized him and he couldn’t understand this need to see her. If he didn’t think fast she was going to leave him now.

“Well?” she asked.

He half stumbled towards the bathroom. Okay, he faked it, but desperate times called for desperate measures. “Sorry,” he mumbled as he made an exaggerated effort to walk into the bathroom.

Ephraim risked a quick glance at her and had to look away to hide his grin. She bit her lip. Madison looked so adorable with an expression full of worry. He had to use this against her of course. He stumbled again.

“W-what do you need?”

He looked back at her, giving her a weak smile. “Could you wait until I’m done with my shower to make sure that I don’t black out before I get back in bed?” There was no way he was going to pass out, but she really didn’t need to know that. It would only be counterproductive to tell her.

For a moment she looked as if she was going to refuse. In the end she sighed and waved him forward. “Go ahead I’ll wait.” She sat on the edge of his bed prepared to wait.

“Thank you,” he said softly before continuing into the bathroom at an exaggerated rate. Once the door was shut he took the quickest shower of his life.

Ten minutes later Madison’s eyebrows shot up as Ephraim walked slowly back into his room. What the hell was he up to? She wasn’t an idiot after all. This little trick had been attempted by Jill and Joshua over the years. The whole “I’m too sick to go to school” bit was wasted on her.

If he was going to play then so was she. “You poor thing,” she gushed. His lips twitched, but he didn’t smile as she helped him into bed. She made a big show of fussing over him.

“What can I do for you?” she asked softly.

Christ that was unexpected. “Umm…..my back is sore?” He had to buy himself some time to think up something to keep her here.

She cooed, “Of course it is.” She gently gripped his shoulders and pulled him forward so she could reach around him and run her hands down his back. He’d only suggested it to buy some time until he figured out a way to make her stay longer, but once her hands started running down his back he couldn’t get enough of her touch.

It had been so long since someone had touched him with any amount of affection. Other than the occasional hugs from his brother, sister-in-law and nieces and nephews there had been no one to show him any sort of compassion. The women he slept with showed him nothing but desperation and need. They only touched him if it would somehow lead to their own pleasure. He’d never felt any sort of affection in their attentions.

Madison on the other hand, her touches were unmanning him. There was no way that he could miss what a kind selfless loving woman she was from the way she was touching him. It felt so good and he prayed that she would never stop.

She had to stop herself from licking her lips as she ran her hands over his back. Since they moved here she imagined what it would be like to run her hands over his body and now she was doing it.

This was meant to mess with him, but it wasn't turning out that way. She loved the feeling of his warm smooth skin beneath her hands. It was amazing how firm his back was. She leaned over him more so she that could rub further down his back. It took a soft groan to snap her out of her daze, he was playing with her and he was enjoying it.

Madison pulled back. “I’d say you were fine,” she said coldly.

He looked up and gently grabbed her arm. It took everything she had not to gasp. His clear deep blue eyes were filled with unshed tears.

“D-did I hurt you?” She somehow managed to ask.

“No,” his voice was hoarse. He looked away for a moment before looking back. Her heart broke. He looked so sad and lost. “Please, don’t stop,” he pleaded softly. “I-I know I don’t deserve it. I lied about being unwell…I just…” he licked his lips. “I’m sorry.”

He shook his head before releasing her arm. “I’m so sorry about everything. The way I treated you that night when I…” He winced at the memory of shoving her hand over his erection. “I was an ass**le. You didn’t deserve to be treated like that and I am truly sorry.”

Ephraim looked so lost. “Would you please continue?” he asked softly. There was no doubt in her mind that it had cost him to show her any weakness and it humbled her.

She sighed as she leaned over him once again. “It’s fine,” she said, ignoring his apology. She knew what he was talking about and didn’t think it deemed an apology. Sure he’d been crude, but she….well….she pushed it out of her mind and focused. “I’m sure you’re sore from a week in the hospital,” she mumbled.

“Thank you.” She ignored him and focused on the warm smooth skin. After a moment she couldn’t deny that it felt good, really good to touch him so freely. She bit her lip to stop herself from leaning over and rubbing her face to his shoulder or inhaling his scent. She was in big trouble here.

Her hands drew back until they reached his shoulders than as if they had a mind of their own they ran down his arms and then up again. She enjoyed the feel of his biceps twitching beneath her hands so she did it again and again.

Ephraim slowly lay back until he was sitting against the pile of pillows she placed behind him. They locked eyes as she ran her hands once again up his arms then she allowed them to run down his chest until she found herself massaging his chest and stomach. Hard muscle rippled beneath her touch.

She was dimly aware of him pulling her leg over his lap until she was straddling him. Her eyes focused on his. He ran his hands slowly over her thighs, giving her a chance to stop him. She didn’t, she didn’t want him to stop. In fact he was going much too slow for her taste. She adjusted herself unconsciously on his lap, making him gasp.

It wasn’t until then that she realized where she was sitting. Her hands stilled over his stomach as she realized that she was sitting directly over his arousal. She licked her lips, trying to stop the soft moan that threatened to escape her as his hands moved up her sides until they cupped her br**sts through her thin shirt.

His eyes never left hers as he ran the pads of his thumbs over her hard ni**les. Her eyes threatened to close in pleasure, but she fought against the urge. His expression was unreadable as he gently massaged her br**sts. She watched as his eyes slowly turned from a beautiful calm blue to liquid red.

Madison willed her hands to move as he teased her br**sts. It felt so good. Several men groped her in the past, but it never felt this good. He gently squeezed her br**sts, directing her to lean into him. Her hands slid up his chest into his hair.

“God you’re beautiful,” he groaned as he leaned in taking her mouth in a gentle kiss. He didn’t push to deepen the kiss even though his body was screaming for it. This was too important to rush. He knew if he did that she would run away. Instead he focused on pleasuring her through touch.

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