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Matefinder (Matefinder #1)(12)
Author: Leia Stone

His face fell at my thoughts and his eyes took on a sad look. “I wouldn’t have it any other way. Mates means equals in the wolf world. Dominance aside, you are my other half, my equal.”

I tucked a blonde lock behind my ear and grinned. Okay, enough intense talk. I thought to myself. I grabbed his hand and led him out of the room.

Jake and Sadie practically leapt on me.  “Are you okay?” Sadie asked, grabbing my arm as if to inspect me. Jake hugged me, grinning. “You scared us.”

I was taken aback by all of the attention, the affection. Looking beyond Jake and Sadie I saw the rest of the pack in the living room and trickling out onto the lawn. They were whispering; I heard one of them say, ‘Matefinder.’

“I’m fine, thank you,” I told them.

Jake cleared his throat. “So… I think you know the location of someone I am very interested in finding.” His eyes flashed yellow and he was grinning ear to ear. Sadie nodded. “And me as well.”

A small growl came from Kai. “Give her some time before you bombard her. She doesn’t even fully know what she is. She just had her first shift.” Jake and Sadie lowered their heads and backed off a few steps. I placed an arm on Kai’s shoulder.

“Actually, we need to get to Jake’s mate immediately. She’s…” I paused.

“She’s what?” Jake stepped forward. He reeked of fear. I could smell it.

“She’s dying of cancer in a hospital in Arizona.” I tried to keep my voice calm but the agony on his face made my eyes tear up. I could see now how important mates were to these wolves.

“She’s human?” he stated as if to himself. “Wolves don’t get cancer.”

Sadie put a comforting hand in his shoulder. “And my mate? All we got from your thoughts was that you saw my mate, too?”

“Your mate is a wolf. I think he is a member of the Seattle pack,” I told her.

Kai spoke behind me. “Sadie, I’ll call Shamus in Seattle to schedule a pack meeting to sort things out. Jake, I’ll book our tickets to Arizona immediately.”

Jake and Sadie nodded. Then Kai spoke in all of our minds. ‘We tell no one of Aurora’s ability. The only stories I have heard about Matefinders are that they have a history of being the most hunted wolf in history. Protect her with your last breath.’ The last part came with Alpha infused magic. I could feel it. That was an order. Every single one of the pack members’ eyes glowed yellow as they nodded. I could feel the command pressing on everyone as the entire pack bowed to one knee and lowered their heads.

After the wolves dispersed, Emma came over to talk to me. She bumped her hip with mine causing me to loose balance for a second. “Matefinder, huh? First you make second in the pack, then we find out you’re Kai’s mate, now this.” She smiled genuinely and I realized she was becoming very dear to me. I could trust her. I knew it. I could sense or smell it. My wolf could too. Emma was a good person. I didn’t trust easily. I returned the smile as best I could. “Boyfriend,” I said smirking as Kai caught my eyes a few feet away where he was talking to Devon. “Kai’s my boyfriend. We’re taking it slow.”

I heard him growl and then discreetly cover it into a cough. Emma snorted with laughter. “Playing hard to get?” she whispered in my ear. I grabbed her hand to lead her away where we could have some girl talk. Once we were alone, I told her about my vision of Jake’s mating ceremony.

“You’re going to be pregnant.” I smiled.

“When?” She asked and then smiled, grabbing her belly. Silent tears slid down her cheeks.

“I don’t know. Time is too hard to tell. There was snow on the ground.” I smiled.

Kai, Max, and Devon came to find us.

“I still don’t know fully what a Matefinder is, what they are capable of. But I know someone who does,” Kai told us.

I looked at him expectantly.

“Sylvia,” Kai said with resignation.

Devon groaned. “I hate witches.”

I jerked my head back so fast that I almost fell over.

“Witches! Wait. You’re telling me witches are real too?”

Emma smirked. “And vampires.”

I swallowed hard. Okay, breathe. Just breathe. “And fairies?” I added. Everyone busted up laughing as Kai placed a hand on my shoulder. Okay, I guess that’s a no on fairies.

“Why would a witch know about my ability?” I prodded.

Kai let me lean against him. “Because witches are the keepers of all supernatural knowledge. I only know rumors of the Matefinder, things I learned on my travels through packs. Children’s stories my mother told me. But witches know everything.”

I guess it was time to meet this witch.


Sylvia was a tall witch with long, thick, auburn hair and bright green eyes. She appeared to be in her early forties, but she was a witch, so who knew what her real age was? She was beautiful and had long, slender fingers which traced the lines of my outstretched palm. Kai stood to my right and Devon to my left. Max and Emma were outside the door keeping the pack out of earshot. With their werewolf hearing, I was pretty sure they could hear every word.

Sylvia’s voice took on an airy quality. “Yes, it’s all here. She can find mates, but not at will. Only spirit can guide her visions, but there is dark magic that could force her abilities. She could be coerced to find mates for anyone. That is why she will be hunted.”

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