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Matefinder (Matefinder #1)(7)
Author: Leia Stone

The muzzle of Dane’s wolf began shifting into human lips. “I forfeit!” he croaked in a half human voice that would haunt my dreams forever.  Kai held his jaws over his throat. A man stepped forward from the Portland pack. “The rules say you can forfeit and still walk away with your life,” he reminded Kai firmly. My wolf recognized that this man must be Dane’s second. Kai released Dane’s head from his strong jaw.

My inner wolf pushed me to step forward. “A foreign Alpha who trespasses on our land, picks a fight with my Alpha and then forfeits, is a coward. As second in command, I will tell you this once. Get off our land and don’t come back without permission.” My inner wolf had taken over, I could feel the power radiating off of me. The dominant wolves in my pack howled their agreement. Dane’s wolf took one appraising look at me and began trotting away. I scowled as I watched his pack leave through the trees, taking their foreign smell with them.


Dane and his men retreated but Kai lay where he was, his yellow eyes boring into me. He was panting and hadn’t moved. I started towards him but his voice stopped me. ‘Don’t let the pack see me weak.’ He told me in a strained voice. I stopped where I stood.

“Fight’s over. Go home.” I pushed power into my words to the rest of the pack. The submissive wolves whined. Sadie growled and stared at me. I don’t think they liked my giving orders so soon. I didn’t care.

“Go home,” I told her again, harsher than I meant to. I caught Emma’s hand as she was moving to leave, indicating I needed her to stay. I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew is that Kai had saved me from my accident. He kissed me like I was the last female on earth and he just fought to keep me in his pack. I was finding that I didn’t know much about being a werewolf but my inner wolf did. He was hurt and I needed to help him. The more I let my wolf bubble to the surface, the more I ran on instinct and the easier it felt to fall into this new role. Somehow I knew that keeping Emma back with me was good because she was submissive and wouldn’t be a threat to my injured Alpha.

Kai stood shifting into human form, favoring his injured hand and gazed around at the retreating pack, looking strong. ‘I protect what’s mine, remember that.’ I could tell by the looks on the other’s faces that he had sent that to everyone. When the last person had left through the trees, Kai shifted back into wolf form and collapsed panting.

Emma looked at me with fearful eyes.

“Help me get him inside,” I told her.

Who knew that two petite girls could lift a 250-pound bleeding and halfway unconscious werewolf into the house. I had strength I couldn’t even dream of before. I was barely winded after getting him to his bedroom. I ran to the adjoining bathroom, ripped the plastic shower curtain down and lay it on the bed to protect the sheets from getting bloody. We placed Kai on the bed and waited.

I stroked his fur, unsure of what to do. ‘When an Alpha is weakened like this, a dominant member could take this chance to challenge me for the pack. I can feel their thoughts. Two of my highest are considering it. Max and Jake. They are torn between being my friend and respecting me, and their wolf’s inner urge to be Alpha.’ Kai’s words sent chills down my spine.

‘What do I do?’ I asked him.

He was fading in and out. It took him a few moments to respond.

‘Don’t let them get a single word out, if they say the word challenge. I’m gone. A fight for Alpha status ends in death; there is no forfeit.’

And with that, he collapsed. Shit, shit, shit! I had to think. I had to think fast. “Emma!” I screamed and she ran in from the living room. “Jake and Max might try to challenge Kai. Who do you trust? Who would Kai trust to guard him and not challenge him?”

Emma paled. “Sadie, and Devon. Akash is too young.”

“Sadie?” I questioned, unsure of that choice.

Emma swallowed. “They dated for a long time. She still loves him. She would do anything for him. I’m sure of it.”

I didn’t even want to process that right now. My inner wolf was going into possessive jealous rage mode and I had to push her down. “Get them for me. Now.”

Emma ran out of the house and I could hear the cracking of bones as she shifted. I bounced my foot nervously, realizing I had one hand still on Kai’s fur. I had to force myself let go. I stood and began tearing apart the room trying to find what I was looking for. If I was an Alpha and I knew silver injured werewolves, I would keep some around. I would keep it somewhere safe, so it wouldn’t hurt me but I would have some in the off chance I needed to subdue my own kind. The room was in shambles and I was no closer to finding what I was looking for when Sadie walked in looking feral at the sight of Kai on the bed bleeding, not healing.

“He’s hurt worse than he led on,” she said softly.

I didn’t waste time crossing the room to meet her head on. “Can I trust you to protect him? Not to challenge him?”

She looked right into my eyes, something passed between us, between our wolves. We both wanted to protect him. This we could do together.

She nodded, lowering her eyes.

“I need silver,” I told her.

“The basement.” The second the words left her lips I bolted down stairs leaving her with Kai. I would have to trust her. I caught sight of Emma and Devon both in wolf form outside. I had a plan. A sloppy, put together, fast plan. I flicked on the basement lights and saw three iron cages. Then I saw a toolbox. I ripped the lid off and smiled. Silver. I grabbed a handful of thin chains and two pillows on my way out of the room.

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