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Reaper Unleashed (Deadside Reapers #7)(9)
Author: Debbie Cassidy

“I can’t lose Grayson, Hunter.”

“I know,” he said, and then in a softer tone so that I almost didn’t catch it, “Neither can I.”

The plan was simple. We’d use Eldrick’s influence to gain the support of those loyal to him. All we needed was his voice and his face. We needed him to speak to them on video.

Eldrick had regained some color in his cheeks, and his pulse was stronger.

“Do you think he’ll wake up soon?” Hunter asked Petra.

“I don’t think so.”

Hunter’s jaw flexed as if he was wrestling with a decision. “Can you wake him up using the herbs.”

Petra looked up at him sharply. “What? Have you any idea how much pain he’ll be in?”

“I know. But we need him conscious. We need him to speak to the pack and tell them he appoints Fee as his heir, and we need him to implore them to honor his decision.”

He held up his phone. “I just need a few minutes to record it. Just two minutes.”

“I don’t like this,” Petra said. “And in normal circumstances I’d refuse, but I understand why you need it, so I’ll do it.”

I crouched beside Eldrick as Petra set to preparing the herbs. I didn’t like the idea of Eldrick being in pain, but if this was the only way to get the Rising pack’s attention and save Grayson then we had to do it. Eldrick would want to help.

I told myself this over and over as Petra administered the herbs.

“How long will it take to work?” Hunter asked.

Petra pursed her lips. “Not long.” She didn’t look happy about it.

The clock on the mantlepiece ticked, marking the seconds, and then Eldrick’s eyes popped open and he sucked in a huge gasp of air.

He focused on me. “Fee?” His face crumpled in pain and he groaned.

Oh shit. “I’m so sorry.”

“Eldrick, listen to me,” Hunter said. “We need you to tell the pack you appoint Fee as the alpha. I need it on tape. I need your endorsement to bring Ulrich down.”

“Ulrich…” Eldrick’s squeezed his eyes closed. “The traitor.”

“Yes,” Hunter said. “We need you. Can you do this?”

Eldrick took several deep breaths then switched to breathing through his nose. “Turn on the camera.” His tone was steel. “Now.”

We had the recording and Petra had administered the herbs to put Eldrick back under. I only had a minute or so before he slipped into unconsciousness again.

I held his hand and stroked his forehead. “Please don’t die, okay?” My bottom lip trembled.

He squeezed my hand. “I’m not going anywhere, Fee. I intend to be around for many years to come. We have so much catching up to do.”

“We do.”

His eyes fluttered closed.

“I… I love you…”

But he was already under.

I kissed his forehead and walked out of the room. I stood in the hallway, hands on hips, breathing. Just breathing.

“Are you okay?” Hunter spoke from behind me.

I wasn’t. I wouldn’t be until this was over.

“Fee?” He touched my shoulder, and I turned and wrapped my arms around his waist, burying my face against his taunt chest.

It felt natural, and this time he didn’t tense or flinch at my touch. Instead, he hugged me back, resting his chin on my head.

We didn’t speak. There was no need for words. We were fated mates. We were a Tribus and when push came to shove, we would be there for one another. We were one.

Finally, I pulled away and looked up at him. “Thank you.”

“What for?”

“For going after him. For saving Eldrick. For being here.”

Something indecipherable crossed his face and his throat bobbed. “You’re my mate, Fee. I’ll always be here for you.” He dropped his gaze. “The things I said to you…after we...”


“Yes. I was hurt.”

“I know.”

“I can’t be that Loup. I won’t be the third wheel in this Tribus. I can’t. For me, it’s all or nothing.”

I could understand that. “I get it. But all takes time, Hunter. It doesn’t happen overnight.”

“I know.”

I searched his beautiful face, so much like Grayson’s, yet completely his own. “Will you give us a chance?”

He blinked slowly. “Will you?”

I licked my lips. “Yes.”

“I won’t touch you,” Hunter said. “Not sexually, not until you come to me.”

My pulse sped up as I reached up to graze his jaw with my fingertips. “I have a feeling it won’t be long until I do.”

He closed his eyes for a long second, and the corner of his mouth turned up. “Promises, promises.”

I pushed up on tip toe and pressed my lips to the corner of his mouth. “Sealed with a kiss.”

I ignored the foreboding threatening to rise inside me. If Cora was here, she’d give me a pep talk. She’d say the world may be upside down, but at least things were turning a corner with Hunter. She’d say to hold on to that.

She’d promise me Uri would be back with Grayson soon, that we would find Cain, and that Azazel and Mal would rescue Lilith and stop the war. And I’d believe her. She had that kind of conviction. I needed to channel it now.

Yeah, Cora may not be here in the flesh, but she was with me. In my heart and in my soul.

I just hoped she was okay.

Chapter Nine


I roll onto my side in the huge four-poster bed and stare at the clock.

What the fuck? I’ve slept all day?

Day two of my seven-day sentence.



Jasper is insatiable. My body still tingles from his attentions. I should get up, but what’s the point?

I groan and roll onto my back to stare at the pretty canopy. The hotel is five-star, the staff are attentive, probably because they’re scared shitless of Jasper, and I have no idea where in the world we are.

I want to get back to Fee. I need to be with her right now, not lying naked, tangled in silk sheets

Jasper whisked me here instead of back to the Dominus quarters. I have no idea why, or what he’s playing at, but I have to admit it’s beautiful here… Wherever here is. Snow-capped mountains are visible outside the window. The air is crisp and clean, and despite my best efforts, I’m feeling relaxed.

Guilt grips my throat.

No. I need to stay alert. I need to find a way out of this week-long deal.

Fee could need me.

The door to the room opens and Jasper walks in, naked except for a towel slung low on his hips. His lean muscular torso is beaded with moisture.

Urgh. Show off. “You know, you’re supposed to dry off after a shower.”

His hooded gaze trails over me, and I pull the covers up to hide my nakedness.

“I thought you liked it wet,” he says. “Wet, hot, and throbbing?” He tips his head to the side allowing his tongue to peek out and touch the corner of his luscious mouth. “I know I like it wet.”

My mouth goes dry. I fucking hate it when he talks dirty. I hate the zing in my blood and the throb in my pulse. I hate that I want him to take off the towel.

He smirks and does just that, revealing his full glory. Fuck, he already has a semi.

I want to look away, but I can’t. “Piss off, Jasper.” There’s no conviction in my tone, but there’s a definite husky edge to it.

My clit is awake and pulsing slow and steady, begging for the kiss of his cock. How the fuck can he have this effect on me?

How can you crave something you despise? I’m a sick, twisted bitch. I must be. It’s the only explanation to why I’m pushing the covers off as he approaches.

It’s going to be a long seven days.

Chapter Ten


The penthouse suite is teaming with life. I can hear the commotion. The clink of glasses and the raucous laughter. I’m in a study decorated with mahogany furniture and plush leather seating. Eldrick’s space, no doubt. I glance through the gap in the ajar door and do a quick headcount.

Twelve Loup.

They fill the room, standing, sitting, and all clutching bottles of beer. This is a celebration, and I’m not sure which one is Ulrich. They all look big and mean. Not like the Rising pack Loup I’m used to seeing.

These must be the rogues Larson brought in.

Ulrich’s recruited them.

I scan the room looking for Grayson, but there’s no sign of him.

I’m wasting my time here. I need to search the rest of the building.

I’m about to jump to another room and hope it’s not occupied when the mention of Grayson’s name pulls me up short.

“Did his second get the message?” a gruff voice demands.

“Yes, Ulrich. It was delivered.”

I move slightly to try and catch a glimpse of the gruff speaker, but the others block my line of sight.

“They have four hours to deliver the female or he dies,” the gruff voice says. A snort. “He’ll die regardless, but if she comes, I might let her say goodbye.”


“What’s the ETA on the magistrate?” Ulrich asks.

“Three hours out.”


“Good. I’ll get anointed and then I’ll get the Rising pack and alpha bitch.”

Three hours to the ceremony. We’re supposed to have until tomorrow. I need to find Grayson and get the hell out of here. Now.

I make the jump to the floor above. It’s an empty suite. I jump again and again, until I’ve almost cleared the floor.

Grayson, where are you?

I make another jump and there he is, bound and gagged in the center of an empty suite. I take a step toward him, and he shakes his head manically, trying to speak around the gag in his mouth. He jerks his head up to the ceiling.

I freeze as a tingle races over my skin and follow his gaze. The room is dimly lit, so at first, I almost miss the symbol. It’s painted onto the cream ceiling in white paint, but that doesn’t render it any less effective. The damn thing is a celestial trap.

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